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13.6.2017 | Gerriet K. Sharma: concert | die Reihe

source: Kathrin Scheidt

die Reihe. Beiträge zu auditiver Kunst und Kultur

For the second event of die Reihe. Beiträge zu auditiver Kunst und Kultur this summer term, we gladly present the sound artist and composer Gerriet K. Sharma with "Composition of Sound Sculptures with the Ambisonics Instrument IKO”. On June 13, 2017, Sharma will showcase excerpts from the musical work that was composed for the IEM icosahedral loudspeaker (IKO) during his PhD period, investigating the usage of sound sculptures and their verbalization in electro-acoustic music composition along with the theoretical framework that was developed within the past 15 years of personal research.



GERRIET K. SHARMA  - Composition of Sound Sculptures with the Ambisonics Instrument IKO

June 13, 2017 | 7:30 p.m. | concert

free entrance


Georg-Neumann-Saal der Universität der Künste

Einsteinufer 43-53 (Jazz - Gebäude)

10587 Berlin




Key aspects of activity


• Spatialization of electroacoustic compositions in Ambsonics and Wave-Field Synthesis and transformation into 3D-soundsculptures.

• Site-specific sound installations.

• Concerts, workshops, installations and performances at several festivals for electroacoustic music and sound art in Europe and abroad.

• Composition, production and performance of radiophonic ‘Hörstücke’ (ars acoustica) with focus on the equitable combination of speech, text and sound

• Artistic research in the field of sound-picture relations in audio-visual installations film, tv and theatre.

• Since 2008 curator of “signale-graz” a concert series for electroacoustic music, algorhytmic composition, radio art and performance at the MUMUTH Graz.


die Reihe. Beiträge zu auditiver Kunst und Kultur

die Reihe. Contributions to auditory art and cultureis an event series of the Audio Communication Group at Technical University Berlin and the Master’s program Sound Studies at the Berlin Career College at Berlin University oft he Arts. |

The IKO research group „Orchestrating Space by Icosahedral Loudspeaker" (OSIL) at the IEM/KUG is funded by the Austrian Research Fund (FWF) as a PEEK Project. The 'IKO by IEM and sonible’ System can be bought or rented from the sonible GmbH, Graz.

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