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15 MAY - 01 JUNE | Unthinking/Unlearning - New sonic theories and praxis

source: Unthinking/Unlearning

New sonic theories and praxis

The online laboratory and residency, a part of the Year of Germany in Russia 2020/21 and a collaboration between Klammklang label, Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (M.A.) at the Universität der Künste Berlin and Sound Art and Sound Studies (M.A.) at HSE Art and Design School, Moscow.

About The Laboratory

Unthinking/Unlearning project is set to develop new forms of sonic thinking and imagination through a series of online lectures and workshops focused on the potency of reinvention in current auditory, sonic and musical practices. The laboratory consists of two sections:

  • Theory: a course of twelve lectures available for anyone to enroll, focused on three major topics: sound as a social agent, new concepts of the sonic (Unthinking) and current sonic practice (Unlearning).

  • Practice: two groups of Russian-speaking participants (7-8 people each) selected via the open call. Depending on their own preferences, participants are given the opportunity to join the workshop they’re interested in, selecting from field recordings methods and advanced computer music techniques.

The laboratory will take place from May 15 to June 1, 2021.


Part I. Sound as Agent of Social Change

May 15. Salome Voegelin — The Political Possibility of Sound

May 16. Vita Zelenska — Sonic Politics of Non/separation. Political Agency of Sound and Its (Possible) Boundaries

May 17. Pedro Oliviera — On the Spectral As A Domain of (Sonic) Decolonizing Thought

May 18. Jessica Ekomane — Sound Beyond Western Tradition

Part II. Unthinking

May 22. Holger Schulze — Sonic Fiction as Sonic Thinking: Towards a Sonic Vernacular

May 23. Ksenia Maiorova — A New Philosophy of Sound: Ontological Democracy and Multisensory Approach

May 24. Nikita Safonov — Pneumatic/Resonant, Fluxes/Sensors, Unmapping/Technopoetics: Undercurrent Tendencies in Sound Studies

May 25. Evgeny Bylina — «Jurgenson frequency». Listening as hallucination, listening as desire, listening as fiction

Part III. Unlearning

May 29. Aleksandra Zakharenko — Embodying Sound

May 30. Hugo Esquinca — ejecución pública / public execution

May 31. Audrey Chen — Invoking Echoic and Physical Memories

June 1. Jacob Erikssen — Sound as More-Than-Human Relation



Found Sounds and Field Recordings

May 15—16. Yulia Glukhova — Ways to Hear a Sound, Not Its Cause

May 22—23. Felicity Mangan — Take It From the Bird. Creating Music Inspired By the Superb Lyrebird

Computer music technologies and techniques

May 15—16. Lukas Grundmann — Stretching Time, Tracking Pitch and Re-synthesis

May 22—23. Nikita Bugaev — Quitting the Dial. In Search of New Control Methods in Max


The PRACTICE workshop participants will be selected via the open call (Russian-speaking only!).


Sound Art & Sound Studies at HSE Art and Design School — a division of one of Russia’s largest universities focused on a variety of sonic practice and theory.

Klammklang is a Siberia-born, Moscow-based independent label focused on non-genre and experimental music, documents of sound art and other contemporary sonic practice.

Sound Studies and Sonic Arts UdK — a part-time postgraduate program run by the Berlin University of the Art’s Berlin Career College, that is aimed at professionals working in the field of sound with a university degree or exceeding creative talent.

Year Germany in Russia 2020/21

The Year Germany in Russia 2020/21 program aims to turn our eyes to the future and present Germany as a modern, progressive country, a reliable European partner for Russia and its residents. The organizers plan to show various aspects of life in Germany, the peculiarities of Russian-German relations, and further strengthen the ties between our countries. Dialogue and interaction between people play a key role here, because they are the ones that give meaning to these bilateral relations.

Project Team

Stas Sharifullin

Julia Sharifullina

Evgeny Bylina

Lukas Grundmann

Olga Zubova