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23 Oct 2022 | Sound Images from Berlin to Tokyo

source: Sound Images

Exhibition based on the Seminar Silent Modifications / tokyoberlin by Boris Hegenbart during the summer semester 2022


This seminar is a cooperation between the UdK Berlin - Sound Studies and Sonic Arts and the Musashino Art University in Tokyo. The course instructors are Boris Hegenbart (in Berlin) and Christophe Charles (in Tokyo). The two seminars take place in parallel; the material is exchanged throughout the creation process. The aim of this course is to create an intermedial installation as joint work, which will be presented in two different versions in autumn 2022 in Japan and Germany. During this course we will develop media compositions for virtual rooms with virtual speaker settings. Later we will map these compositions to real speaker settings. To start off the composition process, MIDI scores will be created as basic material - these won’t be classic notations, but MIDI control data, that can be mapped to various instruments (Max/MSP patches, software, and hardware synthesizers, etc.). These notations are based on events in public life, created by "human sensors" in urban environments: Instrumentalists play MIDI instruments in response to everyday sonic events in their surroundings, such as: bicycles, vehicles and pedestrians passing by. Thus, the city is interpreted with silent instruments. Themes: Material and score creation, mapping, interpretation, spatial composition.


The exhibition was held on 23 October 2022 at Ochiai Soup Tokyo.