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a. modica

recursive speculation


"Science has explored the microcosmos and the macrocosmos; we have a good sense of the lay of the land. The great unexplored frontier is complexity."

—Heinz Pagels, The Dreams of Reason


From weather cycles to international economies, recursive processes regulate a wide variety of systems both natural and man-made. An arrangement of interconnected feedback agents trying to communicate with each other through different languages inevitably ends up entangled in a network of constant misunderstanding; as humans witnessing such an interaction, we can grasp but a glimpse of the complex processes that are hidden behind these devices. In this context, the sonic manifestations of the system act as signifiers for such processes, opening an opaque window into the emergent behaviour of this network of “black boxes”.

Opening times

8 June 4 – 11 pm

9 June 2 – 6 pm

10 June 2 – 10 pm

11 June closed

12 June 2 – 6 pm


Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Dorotheenstrasse 12

10117 Berlin