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Jospeh Kamaru KMRU



Ordering of time refutes spatial agency and temporal autonomy, thus reproducing uniformity and linearity to time, altering the understanding of reality and political engagement with it. WAI8, an 8 hour durational performance, configures spatial-temporal unmapping by negotiating movement, body, time, and space. Positions of liminality are brought to the surface rendered by enveloping and dissociative sounds, field recording, and noises as actual events experienced by (own) body. WAI8 is an invitation and extension to listening with a radical openness to the interstices and the in-between — a fracturing of timelines and spatial agency.

Performance time

27 May, 8 pm – 4 am,

doors 7 pm, last entry 9:45 pm


Silent Green

Gerichtstr 35

13347 Berlin


Free entrance, registration required