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18 Feb 2022 | Our Touch Bends The Waves

source: Out Touch Bends The Waves
source: Genesis Victoria Perez Neriz

Our Touch Bends The Waves

Cashmere Radio Edition, transmitted from Freie Radios BB studio, at Haus der Statistik, Berlin

18th Feb 2022 | 8-11pm


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It doesn’t take much to transform a place. A few years and a crematorium or a state building for statistics is a ‘Kulturquartier’. A few rearrangements and a rooftop is an aural gazebo, the Silent Lawn we turned into a site for listening and coming together. A few compositions and the ‘monoment’ became a portal to the histories of what surrounds it as well as other dimensions and realities: Suddenly, the the guardians of the dead are evoked, stories about those in the ether, that were never even alive. Connections drawn from tiny mutterings of hidden corners to their resonance across the city. The present is summoned by past and future, the presented gets picked up, the makers turn listeners. 


After their transmediale and CTM Vorspiel special at Silent Green, ‘Your Touch Makes the Place’ (Sound Studies & Sonic Art /UdK) NOW enters the funky sphere… on Friday 18 Feb 2022 the few compositions will return – reworked, condensed, stretched out, embedded in the live radio performance ‘OUR TOUCH BENDS THE WAVES’. This radio edition is a listener’s digest, transforming in echoes and feeding back towards tomorrow.

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Our Touch Bends The Waves

18 Feb 2022 | 8-11 PM | Cashmere Radio 



Diana Fonseca Tremulous Membranes

Kirstine Elisa Kjeldsen Stacked Descent

Udo Koloska Media Ghosts

Genesis Victoria Inverted Vessel

Andreas Sommer Repurpose / Replace

Arni Valur Vökukonan í Wedding

Sibi Abhimanue SMSHAANA at Silent Green

Diana Fonseca ‘Tremulous Membranes’

Like a stethoscope, the contact microphones epitomise the contact between doctor and patient’s body. Vibrating windows, sizzling heating pipes, tinkling light bulbs… Silent Green becomes a palpitating instrument, revealing its inner aural enigmas. Sonorous hyper reality out of context, re-signified through digital processing.

Kirstine Elisa Kjeldsen ‘Stacked Descent’

Minimalist impact of repeated and compressed vocals – recorded on the concrete ramp at Silent Green.

Udo Koloska ‘Media Ghosts’

I live with persons and stories I have only heard about. Interview passages and fieldrecordings from the Silent Green site.

Genesis Victoria ‘Inverted Vessel’

Falling dust, descending in transformation. Repetition. Exhaustion. Coexisting in dissonant movements. What do we do with the little pieces? We consent to the ritualism of presence. Nothing else, nothing more.

Andreas Sommer ‘Repurpose / Replace’

Impulse Response based feedback composition, connecting mutual resonances of two cultural locations across Berlin. Between histories of Silent Green and a precarious 'Zukunft am Ostkreuz'

Árni Valur ‘Vökukonan í Wedding’

“Without decay and forever awake I shall greet & guard the ones that enter the gate.”

Sibi Abhimanue ‘SMSHAANA at Silent Green’

A graveyard, SMSHAANA. SMSH/shava ("corpse"), while shana refers to shanya ("bed”). An attempt to bridge the in-betweeness of MATTER AND SPIRIT endogenously/exogenically experienced in the process of leaving. The duality of life and death, of past and present meet in the “NOWNESS of the BREATH” and breath is Air/PRAANA…