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The Basics of Design

Entwurfs-Präsentation im Projektseminar, SoSe-2012

 source: Kora Kimpel

[Translate to English:] Letterpress-Workshop Galerie P98a, SoSe-2015

 source: Basics- 14

[Translate to English:] Kegelkombinationen, Andreas Hofstetter, WS-11/12

 source: Kora Kimpel

[Translate to English:] Projection Mapping, Philipp Treschan, SoSe-2015

 source: Kora Kimpel

[Translate to English:] "Hierarchie, Priorität, Struktur" – Workshop von Adeline Mollard, SoSe-2015

 source: Benedikt Rottstegge

In the "Basics of Design" module, students in the 1st and 2nd semester get to know the terms and elements of visual communication across all media. You will be introduced to the design processes and learn to develop your own design methods.

An insight into different types of visual media is provided through a variety of projects. Students learn about the specific qualities of the various media and how to deal with their specific design languages. 

Course Content and Structure

The fields of image, layout, moving image, space and interaction are worked on as projects. In a project, all phases of design such as research, concept, sketch, creation of variants, and realization are run through.

Different focal points are set per semester, which extend over a period of at least four weeks. Depending on the research question and the design phase, teaching takes place in various formats: Presentations, discussions, group and individual meetings, lectures, papers, and workshops. 


Prof. Franziska Morlok (Basics and Processes of Design) and Prof. Kora Kimpel (Basics of New Media).


Prof. Franziska Morlok
Office hours: by appointment
Room: 212

Prof. Kora Kimpel
E-mail: kkimpel_
Office hours: Mondays to Wednesdays by appointment
Room: 115