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In the illustration class we research the potential of the drawing for visual communication, beginning with basic analytics and ending with complex applications for different media. We develop concepts to present and critique various subjects in politics, economy, science and culture. Students are taught illustration in the context of both traditional and new media, thereby learning the uses of image and type, old and new graphic techniques, as well as manual and industrial, analogue and digital design and multiplication methods. In addition the illustration students are also offered an expansive variety of art history, cultural studies and methodology courses. Graduates of the illustration class now work as book and poster designers, illustrate for the international press, draw comic strips and graphic novels and make animation films. Many of them now teach illustration at art academies in Germany or abroad.


Prof. Henning Wagenbreth
Email: udk_
Consultation hours after arrangement
Room 201/205

Künstlerische Mitarbeiterin: Constanze Hein
Email: c.hein_
Consultation hours after arrangement
Room: 201/205


Universität der Künste Berlin
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Institut für Transmediale Gestaltung
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