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Mechatronic Workshop + Laser Cutter Lab

source: UdK Berlin

The workshop teaches you the conceptual and technical skills needed to realize mechatronic projects. We combine current rapid prototyping techniques with conventional methods to shape and design various materials. Mechatronic describes an interdisciplinary system of mechanics, electronics and computer science. The workshop combines these sub-areas under the aspect of creative and artistic production.


Mechatronic Workshop (GRU 14)
The workshop has basic equipment for mechanical processing of plastics and metals, a CNC portal milling machine, a lathe, a MIG/MAG welding room, 3D printers, soldering-, measuring, and prototyping workstations. After completing an introductory course, students can work independently in the workshop during Medienhaus hours. For the use of the machines, further instruction and, if necessary, supervision by the workshop management are necessary.

For extensive advice and support in planning and implementing a project, please make a separate appointment with the workshop management by e-mail. For this purpose, please bring or send in advance informative illustrative material (drawings, renderings).

Laser Cutter Lab (GRU 006)
The laser cutter (GCC SpiritLS, 40W) is available to all students for implementing artistic and design projects. After completing an introductory course, students can work with it independently during the opening hours of the Medienhaus. Without an introductory course, projects can be realized with the support of the tutors of the Mechatronics Workshop. For this purpose, please make an appointment with the tutors by e-mail (well) in advance.

The current availability can be viewed at the following link: Google Calendar.
An appointment for the laser cutter can be booked here.

The working area of the laser cutter is 640x460mm and the maximum size of the workpiece is 762x482x165mm. It should be avoided to use materials to the very edge. Furthermore, a small amount of extra material is needed for testing purposes.

Data format
Vector graphics and raster images can be processed. Data must be created as Adobe Illustrator CS6 file with RGB document color mode.

Line width/ outline: 0.001pt
Color assignments (see template):
Black (0,0,0) = Engraving/ Raster.
Red (255,0,0) = inner contour
Blue (0,0,255) = outer contour

For the realization of semester, course or final projects the use is free of charge. For private or other projects the use costs 0,50€ per minute.


Mechatronic Workshop + Laser Cutter Lab
Grunewaldstr. 2–5
10823 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 3185-1312

GRU14 (Mechatronic Workshop) GRU006 (Lasercutter Lab)

Opening Hours with Key Allowance 
Mon. – Fr.: 7am – 10.30pm, Sa: 9am – 9pm Uhr

Workshop Office Hours
Wed. und Thu. 10am – 6pm, Fr. 10am – 2pm, or arranged

Workshop Management
Nils Kreter

Maxim Tur, Lukas Esser