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Mechatronic Workshop + Laser Cutter Lab

source: UdK Berlin

Mechatronics describes an interdisciplinary overall system of mechanics, electronics and computer science. The workshop combines these sub-areas under the aspect of creative and artistic production, combining current rapid prototyping techniques with conventional processes to shape and design various materials. 

Technology is becoming increasingly important in art, absorbing the role of craftsmanship, and artists as autonomous individuals are becoming machinists. From a designer's perspective, machines, tools and materials bring their own language with them, and thus also appeal to other senses. That is why designers in particular should strive to use these new technologies and materials in a way that makes sense, and to rethink technological innovations by exploring the possibilities and effects of new and creative technologies on an aesthetic, formal and social level, and by engaging with them critically.


Equipment - Floor-standing drilling machine (Maxion BT 18 STP) 
- Floor-standing milling machine (Optimum BF 20 L Vario) 
- Lathe (Weiler Matador VS1) 
- Metal band saw (Carif 260 BSA) 
- MIG/MAG welding room (welding table: 700 x700 mm) 
- Soldering and measuring stations 
- 3D printer (Prusa MK3S + and MK4) 
- Laser cutter (GCC Spirit LS, 40W | working area: 640 x 460 mm) 
- CNC portal milling machine (iM-Cut 1000 SO2 | working area: 1250 x 1000 x 40 mm) 
- Various small machines and common hand tools


Mechatronic Workshop + Laser Cutter Lab
Grunewaldstr. 2–5
10823 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 3185-1312

GRU14 (Mechatronic Workshop) GRU006 (Lasercutter Lab)

Opening Hours with Key Allowance 
Mon. – Fr.: 7am – 10.30pm, Sa: 9am – 9pm Uhr

Workshop Office Hours
Wed. und Thu. 10am – 6pm, Fr. 10am – 2pm, or arranged

Workshop Management
Nils Kreter

Maxim Tur, Lukas Esser