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Workshop for Prototypes, Objects- and Model-Making

source: UdK Berlin
source: UdK Berlin
source: UdK Berlin
source: UdK Berlin

The model-making workshop is a studio, an experiential space for design students in basic and project studies. In addition to a quiet thinking and research area (R. 12), equipped with a wide variety of prototype models and materials as well as hand tools, there is a machine room (R. 13) with electric table and hand machines, such as saws (circular saws, scroll saws, band saws, jigsaws), drills, milling machines and grinders (disc grinders, belt grinders, orbital and rotary grinders), which allow working with wooden materials, plexiglas, glass and aluminum just to name a few. In addition, other versatile processes involving a huge range of materials can be developed and used as needed. The appearance and processing of surfaces also play an important role, which must be considered during the design process and that are verified in intermediate steps through material samples and studies.


In both rooms of the workshop, flexible tables offer space for students to work. Space for drawing (analog and digital), sawing, hammering, gluing, drilling, sewing, punching, shaping, discussing, changing... From materials such as paper, cardboard, or sandwich panels, for example, simple models can be quickly produced in order to experience or check function, relation, detail, impression, construction and other spatial qualities.

Overview of the Equipment:
Standing machines in R. 13 (air exhaust via mobile vacuum cleaners)

  • stand drill
  • decoupage saw
  • disc sander
  • band saw
  • table router
  • band sander
  • circular saw Forsa 4
  • circular saw Festool

Hand machines in R. 13 (extraction via mobile vacuum cleaners Festool)

  • dril
  • Vibrating sander
  • rotary grinder
  • jigsaw
  • hand-held circular saw
  • router
  • lamellar router

Equipment in R. 12)

  • battery screwdriver
  • small machines Proxxon: drill, circular saw, router, embroidery saw, belt sander, styrocuter
  • hot glue gun
  • dryer
  • foil welder
  • sewing machine
  • various hand tools like pliers, hammer, chisel, punch etc.


Model-making Workshop
Grunewaldstr. 2–5
10823 Berlin

R12 + 13

Information about opening hours or office hours
Wed + Thu 10 am - 6 pm and by appointment

Workshop Management
Elke Schneider 

Justus Ratzke