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Prometheus Erbe

source: Vincent. A. Carter, Ernst August Graefe


Der Sonne jag’ ich heimlich einen Funken Des Feuers ab. Ihn birgt ein Zunderrohr. Fortan wird er die Quelle jeder Kunst*, Entdeckt den Menschen nie betretne Bahnen;

Aischylos: Prometheus in Fesseln, 472 v. Chr.

With the taming of fire, humanity fundamentally emancipated itself from nature for the first time. Fire warms, illuminates, cleans, destroys: it is the power of transformation per se. The campfire is the nucleus of society. Fire and all forms of combustion seem essential to our culture and survival. Fire is also the principle underlying almost all human processes: cooking, ceramics, power plants, steam engines, motors, turbines, steel furnaces, heaters, bombs and rockets. Fire seeks its way through nature and the balance of its processes. It leaves what we experience as a society and culture. Departing from there, we set off to explore this powerful element within and beyond our personal experiences and reflected our fascination for its ambiguent character through moving images.

With works by Alina Abberger, Ezra Alvarez, Michel Best, Vincent. A. Carter, Elsa Estrella Echevarria, Ernst August Graefe, Paulina Höfner, Agata Hörttrich, Emma Hutton, Jo-Moritz Krah, Marie Luhmann, Raviva Nsiama, Johanna Rohr, Felix Schirmer, Tobias Scholze, Moana Schorlemer Filipe, Jakob Erek Sen, Tim Stürze, Tristan Wheeler

Gast Prof. Kathi Kæppel
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