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crescendo 2022: aufgefühlt [EN]

200 years Institute for Church Music - How to go on? Perspectives from the future – crescendo

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Roundtable with musical contributions ont the occasion of the 200th anniversary fo the Institute for Church Music.
Free entry.

We open the gates of our "castle"! On the occasion of the anniversary of the Institute for Church Music, founded in 1822 by Carl Friedrich Zelter, a roundtable enriched with numerous musical contributions will be held. This will bring together former and current students, faculty, and those associated with the Institute to discuss its past, present, and future. The discussion will highlight current topics and discourses of the institute and what impulses can come from a contemporary debate. In the building, which was lavishly restored a few years ago, there will of course also be music: With thematic, practical musical examples on the various keyboard instruments of the house, students draw a bow to the training of church musicians*. We invite you to discover our historic premises and its instruments and to participate in the discourse.


The discussion will be moderated by Juliane Felsch-Grunow (journalist, church musician, former student) and Kai-Uwe Jirka (professor of choral conducting at the Institute).

Free entry

Location: Institute for Church Music, Hardenbergstraße 41, 10623 Berlin


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