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Agents of Transformation - Second cycle, first conversation – Workshop

Jan-Willem Marquardt


Are you a student interested in tackling global challenges such as climate change, sustainability, democratic resilience and social cohesion? We invite you to attend the first conversation, which will be held online on 21 April 2022 at 14:00 – 16:30 CEST.

Agents of Transformation helps to leverage the potential of art and design for a sustainable, inclusive and pluralistic society. The initiative was started in 2021 by ELIA and UdK Berlin. Students from all disciplines are invited to actively participate in the workshop tracks.

You can register here. Registration deadline: 20 April 2022

Workshops are open to all students and are FREE of CHARGE. Active participation is required. 



1. Protocols of care

Workshop lead: Yris Apsit, Zurich University of the Arts

This research activity will mobilise intersectional and gender perspectives in transcultural exchanges and open an urgent conversation about 'care'. Who is cared for, and how is care given in our educational institutions? Before the workshop, Yris invites you to listen to Sara Ahmed: On Complaint


2. The challenging role of the arts in an era of populism

Workshop leads: Albert Gené (Barcelona School of Design and Engineering - ELISAVA), Justin Wong (Hong Kong / London), Victoria Cho (Maryland Institute College of Art) and Christoph Weckerle (Zurich University of the Arts)

We address the challenging role of the arts in an era of populism on a global scale. What are the specific practices of artists and designers employed when utilising and hacking technology? 


3. Climate awareness in arts education

Workshop lead: Klasse Klima, Berlin University of the Arts

Klasse Klima engages in events and debates on the intersection of art, design and ecology. This workshop will focus on how to integrate the climate crisis in art and design teaching and learning.


4. Impact models and circularity for climate-neutral and smart cities

Workshop lead: NTNU

This workshop is designed for students from all areas of study with a focus on STEAM. It includes circularity in terms of sharing solutions; multi-functional urban design, spaces and infrastructures; and circular governance (involving citizens from co-creation to -production, -monitoring, -dissemination etc.).  


After the first conversation, students will be asked to present their ideas directly to European Commission experts and participate in a public dialogue with decision-makers from higher education, politics and industries alike.