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BOL x HP Symposium III: Sustainable Futures – Symposien

Hybrid Plattform

Symposium about Sustainable Futures.

For the third iteration of the Berlin Open Lab + Hybrid Plattform Symposium, we turn our attention to the impact of human civilizations on the planet and how new materials and transformative working methods may allow us to imagine a more desirable and sustainable future. Researchers and artists working with technologies for sensing, smart waste management, digital conservation, chemical processes and precious plastics will come together to share their research, insights and experiences. As the intersection between analog and digital realms in both art and science brings to the fore the question of materiality, the Symposium seeks to highlight and encourage hybrid or interdisciplinary practices, and how they may positively impact our shared future.

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13:00 Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost, Sustainable Futures - Introduction

13:15 – 14:15 Panel I. Digital transformation of traditional technologies

  • Saqib Aziz (UdK(BOL) - Revitalizing the Past to Transform the Future in Construction 
  • Emma Wood (UdK/BOL) - Velvet Values: Identifying embodied handcraft knowledge through the velvet weaving process

14:30 – 15:30 Panel II.Materiality and digitalization 

  • Meike Hopp (TU) - In search of the intangible: material traces, contextual knowledge and the role of digitization in provenance research
  • Valerian Bloß (UdK) - Laboratory for Intermaterialities

15:45 -16:45 Panel III. Neurological perception, sensory qualities and sustainability

  • Maciej Chmara (UdK/BOL) - Sensehacking: What bread has to do with design and psychology. 
  • Gudrun Rauwolf (TU) - Material change: MY-CO Material. Sense. Architectural-psychological case studies on new mycelium-based building materials
  • Klaus Gramann (TU) - Mobile Brain Imaging to investigate embodied cognition

17:00- 18:00 Panel IV. Waste transformed and circular economies

  • Samuel Hill, Aeneas Stankowski (DFKI/BOL) - Green AI: AI-supported optimization of store orders in the bakery trade
  • Johannes Scholz (TU) - Digital strategies to promote material efficiency in a local circular economy

18:00 - 18:30 Aperitivo @ BOL Garden