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Brad Nath: Soundcheck In Studio 1 – Degree Bachelor/Master

© Brad Nath


Rather than occurring before the audience arrives, a (kind of) soundcheck is performed for the audience to listen in. And rather than supporting the voice of a human performer, the piece attempts to locate the voice of the performance venue—in this case, the room at Uferstudios known as Studio 1. Departing from the conventional goal of sonic optimization, this alternate soundchecking practice has emerged from the interest of shifting listening relations toward unheard places of inhabitation. A body-mounted sound reinforcement system supports the process of checking in on the whispers, dwelling along the cracks, and being felt by the space’s histories and silences. The performance seeks to reorient the relations between inhabitation,listening and movement by bringing together architectural, sonic and body-based research.

Concept, Performance and Listening Techniques: Brad Nath
Light Design and Creative Technology: Fluxgeist
Costume Development: Tanja Bombach
Mentoring: Mona Mahall and Diego Agulló
Tutor: Janez Janša