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Carte Blanche to Heinz Holliger - A Chamber Symphony with Heinz Holliger – crescendo

Urban Ruths

After Heinz Holliger, together with Jan Michiels, can already be experienced a few days earlier as a chamber musician and oboist, he now presents himself on this evening as an astute conductor and creative composer, who, together with the ensemble ilinx for contemporary music, consisting of students of the UdK Berlin, is working on a cross-section through the last 120 years.

Schönberg's Chamber Symphony for 15 solo instruments from 1906 stands at the beginning of the development of his individual musical language. Thus he himself says of his work: "I believed that I had now found my own personal style of composition". In similar instrumentation, Ligeti's melodies for orchestra unfold into a gripping, energetic interplay of individual voices, demanding the highest precision from conductor and musicians*. The demanding piece ENSMO ↔ OMNES, written by Holliger himself, presents itself with enormous tonal variety and rousing dynamics - and thus completes the comprehensive portrait of a versatile and extraordinary musician.

Arnold Schönberg: Chamber Symphony No. 1 for 15 solo instruments op. 9
Heinz Holliger: ENSMO ↔ OMNES
György Ligeti: Melodies for orchestra

Heinz Holliger, conductor / Ensemble ilinx / Sebastian Zinca, assistance

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