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Fronte Vacuo – Veranstaltungsreihe

Lars Pinkwart

LOOPS is the event series of New Practice in Art and Technology in cooperation with the Berlin University Alliance, exploring current questions facing our society in a unique discursive format. Afterwards, the Bar provides a space for exchange between guests, researchers, students and the public. The accompanying LOOPS SESSIONS extend the series with workshops, performances and experimental formats.

How do performative arts intersect and reflect contemporary society and the socioeconomic and cultural situation? Delving into the possibilities of expression and performance enabled by new technologies, artists Marco Donnarumma, Margherita Pevere and Andrea Familari constituting Fronte Vacuo join us to discuss their practice. Join us for an evening centered around transdisciplinary collaborations between performance art and technology, bringing forth new methodologies of research and reflection.

Fronte Vacuo, a Berlin-based transdisciplinary performance group, blends body art, dance-theater, audiovisuals, and technology. Known for radical bodily expressions and intricate audience engagement, they employ human and nonhuman bodies, organic elements, AI, spatial soundscapes, and visual imagery to create chaotic biomes. Their name, an Italian phrase, symbolizes a militant front devoid of meaning, critiquing modern society's blind faith in techno-capitalism.


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