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Hybrid Talks 45 - Natur und Recht – Veranstaltungsreihe

Hybrid Plattform

The Hybrid Talks "Nature and Justice" provide a forum to examine the central role of the concept of sustainability in political decision-making.

We are back in the Hybrid Lab and invite you to an exciting event!

As we move towards the 1.5 degree Celsius threshold of global warming, the effects of such change will be felt not only in our everyday lives, but also in numerous fields of knowledge and practice. "Nature and Justice" brings together a variety of perspectives from the fields of sound art, activism, minerology, feminism, law and politics, enabling an intellectual and rich exchange between these different disciplines. At the same time, they seek answers to the threat of global warming. We want to challenge preconceived notions about our relationship with nature while advocating for a more sustainable engagement

Scientific and artistic knowledge practices of our speakers will help to find solutions in relation to production, consumption and resource management.

Contributions from:

  • Prof. Dr. Salomé Voegelin
    University College London | Sound Studies
  • Katrin Fritsch
    Green Web Foundation | Technology, Feminism, Climate
  • Dr. Johannes Giebel
    TU Berlin, Mineralogical Collections | Mineralogy, Petrology
  • Baro Vicenta Ra Gabbert
    Federal Youth Advisory Board I Law, Climate Conservation, Youth Policy


  • Franziska Albrecht
    Green Legal Impact Germany e.V. I Environmental Law

The Hybrid Talks invite to mutual inspiration and networking. Representatives of different disciplines of the Campus Charlottenburg meet and illuminate the topic "Nature and Justice" from their perspective in short presentations of 10 minutes each. Afterwards, they will discuss mutual insights, irritations and possible synergies. The exchange across the boundaries of individual disciplines will continue in a relaxed atmosphere afterwards.

Organizer: Hybrid Plattform

Note: No pre-registration required