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In flux by Naledi Majola – Degree Bachelor/Master

Naledi Majola


“Nobody knew who or what you were when you had a suit on.” - Saidiya Hartman

A performance of Black gender play, with suits and the performer’s body as its primary materials, In flux is an expression of a desire to become uncapturable. This desire has much to do with questions about gaze and how some ways of looking can be an attempt at restricting and classifying ever-evolving bodies. Much of the movement, sound, and imagery tries to touch various Black contexts, with South African references, especially those originating during the latter part of the 20th century, in the country and abroad in exile, having a significant influence.

Naledi Majola is a South African artist-researcher and actor, who likes to dive into big questions with decisive uncertainty, using movement, sound, and words. Naledi is largely interested in the intersection between performance and Black histories, cultures, and identities.

Creation and performance: Naledi Majola
Mentoring: Adrian Marie Blount and Nancy Naser Al Deen
Tutoring: Ana Lessing Menjibar
Video: Adrian Marie Blount and Naledi Majola
Lighting design: Thais Nepomuceno
Stage management: Cikacé Lestine
Featuring music by Joy and Letta Mbulu.