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In my next performance I will make you laugh by Nicole Wysokikamien – Degree Bachelor/Master

Nicole Wysokikamien


a childhood picture
an imagined choreography
a tribute to some teenage idols
a play on nostalgia
an impossible translation
a question of how and what to dance

Nicole Wysokikamien is a dance artist from Montevideo, Uruguay. She holds a Literature Studies degree and graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Danza (SODRE). In her work, she researches how can text, word and language dialogue with dance, gesturesand movements, trying to seek for different ways to respond to that question through the scene, hopefully with some humour.

Creation and performance: Nicole Wysokikamien
Music: Ben Osborn
Costume and stage design: Isabelle Lange
Lighting design: Catalina Fernandez
Mentoring: Tatiana Saphir and Juan Dominguez
Tutor: Nik Haffner