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JUXTAPOSITIONS. Perspectives on Contemporary Cultural Production – Veranstaltungsreihe

Lukas Feireiss

Lecture series, English, bi-weekly

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Prof. Lukas Feireiss
JUXTAPOSITIONS. Contemporary artistic production

Lecture series/Einführungsvorlesung, English, 1 SWS, 1 ECTS
Note: The lectures Juxtapositions and Healing Arts can be attended parallel (alternately always on Mondays, 6-8 p.m.) and add up to 2 ECTS.
Mondays, 18-20 h, bi-weekly, 7 dates: 15.04., 29.04., 13.05., 03.06., 17.06., 01.07., 15.07.2024 Hardenbergstr. 33, room 158


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In the summer semester 2024, the Studium Generale continues with its weekly “JUXTAPOSITIONS”-series curated and moderated by visiting professor Lukas Feireiss. In its fifth iteration it is, again, both an inspirational lecture series on the topic of transdisciplinary contemporary cultural production, as well as a practical and applied seminar in which students from various academic backgrounds are invited to work with one another in an environment of constructive criticism and creative collaboration.

Driven by an understanding that none of the issues we are facing globally right now can be tackled by a single profession, nor without the kind of collaboration enabled by technology, “JUXTAPOSITIONS” promotes a critical discourse across binaries, boundaries, borders, disciplines, norms, forms, and protocols. It celebrates the power of cross-pollination, creative entanglement and non-binary collaboration and embraces the beautiful juxtapositions that make up our lives.

15.04.24: Lukas Feireiss - Introduction -- watch
29.04.24: Jerszy Seymour – Design -- watch
13.05.24: Bernard Koomson – DJ & Founder deadHYPE
03.06.24: Anna Yeboah (Dekoloniale) – Architecture
17.06.24: Ahmet Ögüt – Art
01.07.24: Rafaela Kacunic (This Is Badland) – Editorial
15.07.24: Thomias Radin – Art