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Creative and non-hierarchical learning – Workshop

Unlearning University

In the workshop, three members of the feminist collective gather (Eli, Lucien and Jakob*) share their experiences with teaching that is critical of hierarchy and provide space to deal with open questions on the topic of learning. At the beginning, they will talk about team teaching, which is an integral part of gather's open approach, and about the experience of working as a collective.

They offer three stations with different formats for exchange and reflection, which can be freely switched between. All the stations will provide impulses/questions about learning/acquiring knowledge in different ways. One station is a sound/performance workshop where you can experiment with your own voice. The equipment will be provided. The next station offers a quiet writing workshop with tables, chairs and a sofa. Here, participants can devote themselves to creative writing, write freely or deal with the questions raised in the discussion room and their own reflections. The third station is a space for dialogue in a discussion in which three people talk to each other, but these three "discussion chairs" can be reoccupied (based on the fishbowl method) by anyone who wants to have a say at that particular moment.
Participants can engage with the experience of university learning and different approaches, reorient themselves and delve deeper into the topics.
You can switch freely between all three stations, or visit just one or two. Each station has its own room (two of them on the second floor, one on the ground floor; at the beginning we will all meet in room 210, where the discussion room will be afterwards).

The workshop will be held in German and/or English spoken language, with the possibility of whispered translations. Participants should carry out a corona self-test on the day of the workshop and stay away if they have cold symptoms.
All workshop rooms are wheelchair accessible. No previous knowledge is required. Writing materials can be brought along.
If you have any questions or needs, please get in touch, e.g. by email. We can, for example, send photos of the rooms or (after consultation) offer accompaniment during the workshop/specific availability.

Registration is requested, but spontaneous participation is also possible. gather_


The workshop is part of the Unlearning University project.
Unlearning the university means questioning one's own institution. On which assumptions and traditions is based what is considered important? Which knowledges and which perceptions do not occur?

The project is funded by "Diversity at German universities" of the HRK.