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Kysy Fischer: Super Superficial – Degree Bachelor/Master

Mari Vass

maC Final Work

Super exposed, super exposed, super shrill. Super Superficial is a performance of movement and sound that bends and spoils surfaces and addresses their transience. A mirage of bodies that deform, shift and merge with the surfaces and boundaries of space. The disciplining of bodies and the carnivalization of shame are followed by shameless physical mass. The performance reverses the images of beauty and mocks the (whose actually?) Expectations. Super Superficial is a gentle exaggeration. And completely naked.

Choreography: Kysy Fischer
Dramaturgy: Jaika Bahr
Performance: Rafuska Marks, Teija Vaittinen
Lightdesign: Raquel Rosildete
Music: Kriton Beyer
Video: Leo Naomi Bauer
Mentor: Luisa Fernanda Alfonso

With friendly support by Deutscher Bühnenverein, Landesverband Berlin.