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Leo Naomi Baur: The Disempowered – Tanz

About the unavailability of the sick body and the unpredictability of one's own presence.

The Disempowered deals with unavailability. With the unavailability of the sick body, the unpredictability of one's own presence. The installative video work deliberately focuses on physical and emotional states, which are often pushed back into the realm of private fate, and testifies to the longing for shared experiences. In the field of tension between absence and participation, the audience is invited to temporarily inhabit the emerging space together. With the audience in the room, a choreography is created without live dance, a film without a screen, an audio walk without a defined path.

Dance in the video: Joy Atkinson, Kysy Fischer, Mariana Romagnani, Oska Melina Borcherding, Stefanie Alf, Therry Kornath
Text & voices: neneh noï, Marwa Younes Almokbel
Sound: Rheremita Cera
Video: Leo Naomi Baur Leo Naomi Baur
Lighting: Andreas Harder
Audio editing: Mattias Larsen
Set & projection design: Leo Naomi Baur
Dramaturgy: Jenny Mahla
Production: Stefanie Alf, Kysy Fischer
Mentors: Ana Lessing Menjibar, Naomi Sanfo-Ansorge

The performance takes place on the ground floor stage of the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch. There is step free access. This is a performance in a relaxed atmosphere that invites audiences to move freely in and out of the space, make sounds and movements throughout. Various seating options including beanbags and mattresses are available to freely choose from. There is no need to reserve.  Throughout the performance spoken texts in German and English can be heard and visuals can be seen. Original and translated texts (GER/EN) are available in the programme booklet. We apologize that there is no DGS translation. Pre-boarding is available on request. If you have any access questions please contact: leonaomibaur_