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Mensch, Maschine! Musik! [en]

Make music, machine! 100 Metronomes for the Farewell of Prof. Christian-Friedrich Dallmann – crescendo

Marcus Witte

For the grand finale, the music faculty once again brings people, machines, silence, sound clouds and calculated chaos to the stage.

The British composer Ethel Smyth presents violin and horn as solo instruments in a variety of ways: sonorous, striking, competing with each other, but also filigree. Ligeti's Poème Symphonique represents a true music-historical event: The title, typical of a 19th century piece, leads one to expect a programmatic orchestral piece. Instead, however, 100 mechanical metronomes are on stage. They beat at different speeds, eventually ebbing away so that individual "voices" emerge ever more clearly - to the point of silence. Finally, for the grand finale of the festival, Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 is heard.

For a warm, personal and human farewell to our long-time horn professor Christian-Friedrich Dallmann, students, alumni, companions and colleagues will come together to celebrate Christian-Friedrich Dallmann and his extremely successful work as a teacher with a fitting farewell concert after 19 years at the UdK Berlin.

Give a round of applause: to the metronomes, to the musicians, to Prof. Dallmann for his extraordinary commitment as a university professor and to the music festival crescendo. See you again in May 2024!

Ethel Smyth: Concerto for violin, horn and orchestra
György Ligeti: "Poème Symphonique" for 100 metronomes
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 8 in F major op. 93

Grace Kyung Eun Lee, violin / Haeree Yoo, horn / Symphony Orchestra of the UdK Berlin and guests / Christian-Friedrich Dallmann, conductor

crescendo is open to everyone! Therefore, all concerts are free admission.
Free reservations are possible here.

The UdK Berlin is committed to helping people in need. This year, half of the festival's donations will go to "Aktion Deutschland Hilft" to benefit earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.


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