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Master Concert Recorder, Julia Herzog – Rezital

"I woke up blind" Light and darkness in music

Master Rezital Recorder of Julia Herzog, class Dr. art. Susanne Fröhlich


Light and dark music by Igor Stravinsky, Michiel Mensingh, Kate Moore, David Dramm, Cipriano de Rore, Brett Dean and Markus Zahnhausen, with a multitude of recorders,  from the sopranino to the Paetzold contrabass flute, electronics, as well as sound collages.

Julia Herzog, recorders, sound collages and concept
Franziska Salker, recorders
Maximilian Schnaus, organ
Malwine Kurella, Saaltechnik

lenght of the concert approximately 60 min.
suggested from 12 years and up
entry is free


Dr. art. Susanne Fröhlich