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SYNTHESE – Ausstellung


How do we interact with creatures without references and the elephant in the room, are there pretzels everywhere and what is the big story behind the small pastry, how can new forms be created from European and Japanese ornaments, how is death celebrated as part of life in different cultures and who wears which hat and why?

designtransfer presents five graduation projects from the Visual Communication department of the UdK Berlin at the Interim Ort @feldfuenf

Synthese der Stile / Yui Yamagishi

Fluo-Knall / Charlotte Hornung
Den Tod Feiern / Kirim Nam
Die Brezel / Yitong Feng
Hüte und andere Kopfbedeckungen aus aller Welt / Karen Exner

Opening, 19 July, 18:00
Opening Times:
19 July, 14:00–22:00
20 & 21 July, 12:00–20:00