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At the unidad.salgan festival, four young composers and their ensembles will get the opportunity to present their projects to the audience at the Berlin Science Week. They will do so in form of evening concerts while during the day participating in Ensemble Animation led by the polymedia artist Marko Košnik with exercises in relational dynamics.

Ensemble Animation serves as a platform that aims to develop the participants' cognitive, compositional, and performative apparatus, helping them to further realize their artistic visions.

Everyone is kindly invited to partake the Ensemble Animation part of the festival either as an active or passive participant - to ensure you the optimal experience, please send an application email to

Tobija Hudnik (Ljubljana, Slovenia; 1999) is an instrumentalist and composer currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. He is the founder of unidad.salgan studio and is currently studying Master in Composition at the Jazzinstitut Berlin. His mentors include Peter Ablinger, Frank Gratkowski, Thorsten Wollmann and Dré A. Hočevar.

unidad.salgan is a contemporary and improvised music studio that offers young, developing artists the opportunity to realize their artistic visions by providing them with opportunities not normally found in traditional artistic training infrastructure. Opportunities range from lectures and mentorship by established professionals in a variety of professional fields, to referrals to individuals and ensemble collectives that could help them realize their ideas, to recording, publishing, and performance opportunities.

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