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Venn Bodies by Tschoe One – Degree Bachelor/Master

Tschoe One


The title Venn Bodies is inspired by the concept of Venn diagrams, commonly used to illustrate complex relationships between different sets. Building on the explanation of the German mathematician Georg Cantor, who described a set as ‘many considered as one’, in this performance, each individual body is regarded as a single set, seen as a vessel of cultural memory on the stage.

In Venn Bodies, artists with different interests and backgrounds exchange their works of art and interpret each other’s works from their own artistic perspectives, exploring the diverse relationships that emerge. The performance adopts a parkour style, allowing the audience to freely explore the space while multiple performances unfold simultaneously at various locations on the stage.

Tschoe One, born in Seoul and currently based in Berlin, is an artist and researcher. His work primarily revolves around socially relevant themes and a profound interest in anthropological questions related to cultural identity. He also enjoys envisioning others’ sensory experiences and explores human sensory aspects, including physical, emotional, and psychological responses, through various media in his research, experiments and work.

Concept and direction: Tschoe One
Participants/collaborators: Ji Sun Hagen, Martha Kröger, Anela Luzi, Tschoe One
Lighting design: Sujin Choi
Mentoring: Diego Agulló, Friederike Hirz
Tutoring: Janez Janša
Special thanks to: Soomin Chae