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Vera Shchelkina: Ich bezeuge das alles zum letzten Mal – Tanz

Potsdamer Tanztage

You can recognise a tango from the first steps and sounds. But wherever tango appears, all its contexts shimmer through the dancing bodies: stories of migration, displacement, wars and violence.
The two men dancing here bring the tango with them from different dictatorships: having fled from Russia and Syria, they find themselves in Potsdam as a tango couple.
Can you see the two dancers' stories, can you feel them, when you see them both dancing on the tip of the island?

Vera Shchelkina
Dance and co-choreography: Alexandr Pukhov, Bassili Fatloun
Dance dramaturgy: Polina Fenko
with original music by: Jerzy Peterburski

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