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Yuske Taninaka: Gallop – Degree Bachelor/Master

© Mizuki Kin


What does it mean to observe a body and detect evidence from it and how can evidence become itself in its locomotion? Is evidence within bodies supposed to be still or it is moving?
Gait recognition systems is a key of Yuske Taninaka’s new work Gallop. The system develops in the last decades, especially in the field of crime investigation and rehabilitation physiotherapy. The method most commonly used in gait analysis is performed by dividing the footage into frames and taking out only outlines from our bodies. Thus, the system can tell us who we are in silhouette without the elements conventionally used in identity politics such as a face or skin color.
The focal point of Gallop is the potentiality and pitfall of biometrics as if our bodily information can be used unanticipated way; for example, we can apply gait analysis to footage in the past decades before the analysis existed since the target of biometrics is not exactly body itself but multiple forms of image detected body.
Concerning the biometrics context as the situation with hyper-synthesizing sensors, Taninaka employs weight as trust and the transformable agency to mediate with image sensors included our perception. The various types of weight can be exposed in locomotion during the performance, as so is the body, questioning if our weight can be reinforcing or bothering with its presence and absence in gait and movement.

Concept, Performance, Choreography, Sculpture: Yuske Taninaka
Live video production: Frederik Becker
Sound Design, Music: Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos
Light design: Margie Medlin
Shibari adviser: Ann Antidote, Lun Ário
Mentor: Isabelle Schad, Margie Medlin, Wendelien van Oldenborgh
Tutor: Janez Janša
Production manager: Juan Harcha

30. April: After Talk after the second show