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Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2020: Programme Publication

source: Marina Becker

Registration for a total of 28 workshops at the Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2020 will start on December 9, 2019.

Between June and September, artists from all disciplines are invited to further develop their artistic language in the fields of transition and transformation, perception, communication, and exploration, and to walk new paths together with like-minded people.

One of the programme's highlights, a workshop in cooperation with the Federation of European Storytelling (FEST) will start in the first weeks of May and put the traditional narrative material – as the basis of artistic narrative – to a critical examination with regard to ethical questions, racial references or gender issues, and develop analytical and performative strategies for a reflective and vigilant handling of the narrative material.

During the five-day workshop, an international team of narrators represented by Luis Correia Carmelo, Florian Fischer, Ragnhild Moerch and Abbi Patrix will give the participants a deep theoretical and practical insight into this field.

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