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Procedure for the use of rapid tests at the UdK Berlin in the summer semester 2021

1. basic principles

-    Quick tests are only to be provided as a safeguard for the existing practice formats.
-    The tests can therefore not contribute to an expansion of the practice formats for the universities.
-    Furthermore, it must be ensured that work is done in the home office where possible.
-    It is also mandatory to comply with all existing distance and hygiene regulations when using rapid tests.
-    The regulations on the use of tests apply in addition to all risk assessments that exist at the University as part of the Pandemic Plan.

-    Starting April 12, a test center for use by members of the TU and UdK Berlin will begin operation in front of the main building of the TU Berlin (Straße des 17. Juni).
•    All university members who need or wish to be tested according to this regulation can be tested there.
•    The testing center will be open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm.
•    There is no charge to use the center.
•    A certificate will be issued for each test and will be valid for 24 hours.
•    At the test center, all persons residing in Germany can be tested once a day free of charge. If you are not resident in Germany but have German health insurance (statutory or private), you are also entitled to a daily test free of charge.
-    The submission of negative test results is controlled in the university practice formats by the persons responsible for the respective format, a control does not take place at the gates.
-    The result of the rapid test must not be older than 24 hours.
-    The certificate of the negative test result shall be presented at the University upon request.  

2. rapid tests for employees

-    The rapid tests are to be made available twice a week to all employees of the University who are unable to work exclusively in their home offices, in accordance with a regulation of the State of Berlin.
-    The tests are an offer to employees, not a requirement.
-    Employees can have the tests performed at their request at the TU / UDK Berlin test center.

3. obligation to take rapid tests for artistic and academic practice formats as well as for (committee) meetings.

-    There is no obligation to test for small formats (e.g. individual lessons) and individual work for up to 5 people in studios or similar. All other hygiene and spacing rules must be followed.
-    For allowable "5+2 person" (or "6+1") teaching formats, no testing requirement is provided as long as all distance and hygiene rules, including mask wearing throughout, are adhered to.
-    For all scientific and artistic practice formats, also for examinations / entrance examinations of more than 5 persons, where due to artistic work a mask cannot be worn continuously or distances cannot be kept, it is obligatory that all participants present a negative test result, which must not be older than 24 hours.
-    An obligation to present a negative test also applies to necessary (board) / (commission) meetings in attendance with more than 5 persons.
-    The leader of the meeting / the leader or person responsible for the practice format shall control the submission of negative test results or may also transfer this control to another person.
-    The submission of the certificates of negative test results shall be documented in an informal attendance list, this list shall be kept for 4 weeks with the session leader or the person assigned by him/her.
-    Those who do not wish to submit a negative test result in formats described above may not be admitted to the format.
-    For the aforementioned formats, which are conducted several days in a row due to the organizational form, a test result not older than 24 hours must always be submitted anew. Daily testing is possible in the testing center.
-    No testing is required for outdoor classes/formats that are conducted in compliance with all hygiene regulations.

4. procedure regarding the quick tests

-    The tests are performed by the members of the university in the testing center before coming to the university.
-    If there is a positive test result,

  •  attendance at the University is not permitted.
  •  sick leave will be reported unless a home office is available.
  • a PCR test is to be carried out on the employee's own responsibility at the test centers in the state of Berlin or at the physicians' offices.

-    The company physician is to be informed only when a positive PCR test is available. (The positive rapid test result is not yet to be reported to the company physician).


April 9, 2021