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Regulations for Pandemic Operations at the Berlin University of the Arts as of January 11, 2021

All previous regulations for pandemic operations will continue to apply unless otherwise specified below.
A.        Work in Administration and Service
-    Administrative tasks necessary to maintain academic and university operations will be performed in a home office whenever possible. Where home office is not possible to perform the duties, this will be done in a presence at the University in consultation with supervisors.
-    Employees with child care responsibilities will use home office, compensatory time, or time off in coordination with their supervisors where feasible.
B.    Artistic and scholarly / research work by members of Groups 1 and 2 will be conducted at the University only in indispensable circumstances.
-    Furthermore, compliance with clearance and sanitation regulations applies on all University premises.
-    Mouth-to-nose protection is mandatory for all status groups on all surfaces, including in class (unless artistic work makes this impossible).
-    External persons have access only if it is essential. Individual requests should be directed to the Chancellor via the divisional heads ( Deans' Offices / Directorates, etc.).
-    The hours of operation of all houses are generally limited to a maximum of 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
D.        Regulations for classes, examinations, and student work as of January 11, 2021:
-    Essential face-to-face examinations will take place where they are not possible digitally.
-    Essential face-to-face entrance exams will take place where they are not possible digitally. Waiting situations in groups are to be avoided as a matter of principle.
-    Individual artistic and scientific work is only possible at the university in essential cases (deadlines / exam preparation).
-    The room and subject-related provisions of the existing risk assessments apply, whereby the area-based maximum occupancy of rooms no longer applies. The following applies:
(i)    Artistic face-to-face classes may not exceed 5 students plus a maximum of 2 faculty.
(ii)    In-class examinations and entrance examinations shall be provided in the smallest form possible.
(iii)    For individual artistic/scientific work, no more than 5 persons shall be present in any room.
E.        University Library: Continued digital lending only at the University Library. Details can be found directly on the UB page.