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Regulations for pandemic operations during the winter semester 21/22 at the UdK Berlin

Update 13 January 2022

1. Obligatory Mask Use

all classes (in status “2g” as “3g”) take place obligatorily only with mask and with 1,5 meter distance, regardless of the artistic discipline. For exceptions, see #2.

a) It is possible to work with medical masks instead of FFP2, which have to be changed regularly (depending on the discipline at least every hour, better every half hour).


2. Exceptions from the obligatory mask use

There are exceptions to the mask requirement for the following disciplines

  • Wind instruments,
  • singing,
  • speech training
  • drama
  • dance.

a) In the lessons / artistic work of the aforementioned disciplines

applies to ensembles:

  • all those who cannot wear a mask must have received a third vaccination.
  • Distance: 1.5 meters.
  • Ventilation regulations must be taken into account.
  • Masks must be put on immediately outside of artistic work.
  • The lessons are voluntary

applies to individual lessons / for duets (with max. three persons):

  • work without a mask requires a “2g” plus a negative rapid test (2g - double vaccination or recovered).
  • Distance 1.5 meters.
  • Ventilation regulations must be taken into account.
  • Classes are held on a voluntary basis.
    • Teaching / artistic formats on a larger scale in which the participants only present the status “2g” (without third vaccination), are only possible as an exception with a negative PCR test.
    • Alternatively, the lessons are to be conducted digitally.

b) For examinations / competitions for ensembles (up to 5 persons):

Masks do not have to be worn if

  • all persons have received the third vaccination
  • distance: 1.5 meters is kept.
  • Masks must be put on immediately outside the artistic work.

If only 2 persons play in an examination situation, the mask obligation can be omitted if

  • a status of “2g+” exists,
  • distance: 1,5 meter is kept.
  • The masks must be put on immediately outside the artistic work.


3.    regulations for disciplines that take place with body contact

  • if the minimum distance of 1,5 meters is not kept, the participants must be triple vaccinated
  • if only “2g” is presented, a PCR test must also be presented.
  • masks are mandatory.

4.  regulations for upcoming test situations

a) No mask obligation in case of third vaccination and 1.5 meter distance

  • in the faculties of music and performing arts,
  • Jazz
  • Dance

b) Masks are mandatory in examination situations involving contact with the body and failure to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters.

c) If no third vaccination is available, “2g” plus current PCR test applies.

5.  regulations for entrance examinations (for disciplines that must necessarily work without a mask: such as singing, acting, wind instruments).

a) single performances without mask, requires “2gplus” (with negative rapid test) status.
b) If only “2g” status is present for participants in group examinations, a current PCR test must be submitted.
c) In addition to b), masks are mandatory for test situations with body contact and non-compliance with the distance of 1.5 meters.


6.    regulations for office work

  • Work is to be carried out only in individual offices
  • Open-plan offices are evaluated by special regulations
  • For all office workplaces, at least 50% mobile working is to be provided, if possible.

7.  regulations for committee meetings

  • Meetings are to be moved to the digital, as far as possible without restrictions.
  • Exceptions may be hearings in the artistic field.
    • These can only take place without a mask if the persons can already show a third vaccination and
    • the minimum distance of 1.5 Meters can be maintained. 


8.     general regulations

  • The PCR test is valid for 48 hours from the time of testing. Pool testing may possibly be provided in coordination if needed.
  • Persons vaccinated 2 times and recovered in the last 3 months after vaccination breakthrough will be treated as a person with third vaccination/booster vaccination.
  • Adequate ventilation cycles every 30min must be ensured. The use of CO2 lights is recommended.
  • Teachers over the age of 60 without 3rd vaccination are recommended digital classes.
  • Teachers in a risk group without 3rd vaccination teach digitally.
  • If digital instruction is possible, this form of instruction should be preferred.
  • Events with an audience may only take place after 2gplus (plus= negative rapid test, not older than 24h).
  • The use of our cafeterias when staying / eating indoors is also only possible with 2gplus.