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Neural Synthesis

source: BAS UdK Berlin

Neural Synthesis

Conference on neural networks - AI in artistic and scientific practices

The term "Neural Synthesis" has recently re-emerged to describe a variety of artistic approaches using artificial neural networks in multimedia performance, visual arts, design and dance, and experimental robotics. The BAS conference "Neural Synthesis" provides a forum for scientific and artistic contributions from various fields, ranging from basic medical research to the humanities, the arts and HCI design, that address questions of the critical organisation and reorganisation of human thought, feeling and action.

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When? Where?
03. November  2023
2pm - 7:30pm
UdK Berlin
Georg-Neumann Saal

Einsteinufer 43 -53
10587 Berlin


14:05Oswald Berthold
14:35Hana Yoo 
15:05Fronte Vacuo
15:35Florian Hecker
16:05Anani Sanouvi
16:35coffee break
16:45Philipp Mergenthaler
17:30interspecifics (Leslie García, Paloma López)
18:00Ina Karkani
18:30Panel: "Synthesis Q&A"
19:15Anthony Green
19:45Get together 


Claire Cunningham: 4 legs good – Lecture Performance in Coordination with

HZT Berlin, 2 November 2023, 19:00, Campus Uferstudios, Studio 11


participants and contributions