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Brandon LaBelle

short vita

Prof. Brandon LaBelle is an artist, writer and theorist living in Berlin. His work
focuses on questions of agency, community, pirate culture, and poetics, which results
in a range of collaborative and extra-institutional initiatives, including: The Listening
Biennial and Academy (2021-), Communities in Movement (2019-), The Living
School (with South London Gallery, 2014-16), Oficina de Autonomia (2017), The
Imaginary Republic (2014-19), Dirty Ear Forum (2013-), Surface Tension (2003-
2008), and Beyond Music Sound Festival (1998-2002). In 1995 he founded Errant
Bodies Press, an independent publishing project supporting work in sound art and
studies, performance and poetics, artistic research and contemporary political thought.
His publications include: The Other Citizen (2020), Sonic Agency (2018), Lexicon of
the Mouth (2014), Acoustic Territories (2010, 2019), and Background Noise (2006,
2015). His latest book, Acoustic Justice (2021), argues for an acoustic model by
which to engage questions of social equality. LaBelle is also a member of Errant
Sound, Berlin.