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Christiane Hommelsheim

short vita

Christiane Hommelsheim studied video and performance art with Ulrike Rosenback at the HBK Saar in Saarbrücken, and spent a semester at DASARTS in Amsterdam. Since 2009 she is certified voice teacher of the Roy Hart International Art Center in France. She gives private lessons, voice coaching for productions of dance and theater and workshops in Germany and abroad.

Her artistic work focuses on the performative use of the human voice. Between 2010 and 2013 she staged the performance Alphabet together with Irene Mattioli on the basis of the eponymous long poem by Inger Christensen in German, French and Italian. In 2012 she staged in collaboration with Walli Höfinger and Jonathan Hart Makwaia, the performance Birdsong, in coproduction with Théâtre de la Vie Brussels, with which she was invited to the UTS Sydney Australia for the conference "presence / absence" on the human voice in 2013. In 2007 she was part of the SPCP The Runner (solo performance commissioning project) by Deborah Hay. Since then, perception as a performative practice has been a central topic also in her teaching work. Since 2010 she works together with the composer Ralf Haarmann as duo haarmannhommelsheim with whom she founded the label Klangmœbel in 2011 and released the CDs shadows, fairies and me (2011) and Die Umrandung des Nichts (the edges of Nothing) (2018).