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Art and science between the realms of past, present and future.

Flyer with title and speakers
source: Flyer Hybrid Futures

Speakers are Hegard Haug, Philipp Misselwitz and Moritz Ahlert. Moderation by Yvonne Zindel.

After the successful kick off to the series in December, the Hybrid Plattform and Futurium invite the public to the second “Hybrid Futures” on 28 May 2020. Here artists and scientists come together to talk about past and potential visions of the future. At this second edition of the interdisciplinary event author and theatre director Helgard Haug, urban development expert and architect Philipp Misselwitz and his collaborator Moritz Ahlert will speculate on subjects at the interface between art and science. How can a city also function as a stage and become a creative location? How have lifestyle and urban concepts of the past influenced us and our surroundings into the present? And how will the urban fabric and the interactions that take place there change – especially in times of emptiness and distance?

The panel discussion, which can be experienced via livestream, will be divided into two parts. First we will take a look into the past of the disciplines involved and their increasing hybridization. Then our guests will formulate speculations about the future of the academic disciplines based on scenarios from the realms of art and science.

The event is live at, with interactive participation via social media.

Language: German.

28 May 2020, 8:15pm

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