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Critters of the Space, Unite!

source: Davide Prati

We are working on a three-channel 3D animation video. The work proposes a (im)possible non-anthropocentric and nonhuman view on space colonization. The protagonists of the video are some of the animals launched in space during space travel experiments. In the video we intend to show a parallel reality where these animals are still alive and take over the amusement parks developed by Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and their peers. Our vision takes place after the failure of neocolonial fantasies. It is an imaginary reality intended to challenge our understanding of the limits of human knowledge of space, while reaffirming our difficulty, as humans, in imagining truly non-anthropocentric futures.

Davide Prati was born in 1983 in Italy, and lives in Berlin. He co-founded in 2006 the IOCOSE art collective. IOCOSE investigate how the narratives surrounding the future of technology leave traces on the present. Their artistic practice focuses on the failure of narratives about the future and technological innovation while producing new interpretations of imaginaries, iconographies and rhetorics through surreal poetics.