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Acting Things VIII - Silent Negotiations

Judith Seng first created her experimental production series Acting Things in 2011 and it has now become an ongoing series of performative installations that employ the elements and methods of performing arts to explore the functioning of our established behaviours and arrangements, or the so-called choreography of our daily lives. 

Acting Things VIII – Silent Negotiations is an active installation in which two people communicate with each other, using sand instead of words, pushing, pulling, stroking, throwing, sweeping and otherwise moving it. Each participant will have a pile of sand in a different colour: blue, yellow, red or some combination of these. Each colour carries a certain social value: individuality, collectivity, standardisation, fairness, safety, freedom, responsibility, tolerance or change, which seeks to establish itself in dialogue with another value. Communication is just as spontaneous or as programmed as the participant prefers; however, they always have to consider and relate to their negotiation partner. After the physical dialogue, participants will meet at a desk to reflect on their performance and summarise the topics of the conversation.

Curated by Sandra Nuut

When? Where?
5 June - 1 August 2021
Tallinn Art Hall
Vabaduse Väljak 6

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