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high in the sky. Pilot Period

high in the sky. Pilotphase

With „high in the sky. Pilotphase“ April 30th 2009, the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences presented results from its pilote period at Konzertsaal Hardenbergstraße. The event was met with overwhelming interest: 200 visitors came to see the fellows of the Graduate School present their projects. “high in the sky. Pilotphase” turned text, music, video and drama into a choreographed movement and involving the whole audience. Afterwards, there were lively discussions between the fellows and the audience. The great turnout for “high in the sky. Pilotphase” points to the significance that is given to the Graduate School. Subject to sufficient funding, the Graduate School will start operating in its regular form within the year 2009, as President Prof. Martin Rennert explained in his welcome remarks.


Martin Rennert, President of the Berlin University of the Arts
Welcome Remarks

Emmett Williams
Cellar Song for Five Voices (196?)
Arranged for eight voices by Marc Sabat and Stefan Bartling (2009).
Performed by the fellows of the Graduate School.

Eckart Altenmüller, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover
Die Musik formt Das Gehirn formt Die Musik

Marc Sabat
Erbsen (2009)
Music for Woodwinds.
Tarantella – Saraband – Menuet – Ricercar – Anglaise – Courante
Flute: Lucia Mense

Janina Janke & Lee Soo-eun
Der Findling 2009 (excerpt)
after Heinrich von Kleist and Heiner Müller
Performance: Joanna Dudley, Agnieszka Dziubak, Antonio Palesano
Music: Maurice de Martin  Video: Corinne Rose  Dramaturgy: Kristin Schulz

John Cage
Telephones and Birds (1977)
Performed by the fellows of the Graduate School.
Directed by Susanne Heiter

Tanja Michalsky, Toni Bernhart, Anke Nowottne, Wolfgang Ranft

Snacks & beverages
Presentation of projects and discussions with the fellows of the Graduate School.

Mohamad-Said Baalbaki: Al-Burak
Susanne Heiter: Animalische Klänge? Über die Grenzen zwischen Natur und Kultur in der Musik nach 1950
Janina Janke & Lee Soo-eun: Der Findling 2009
Jana Linke: Konstruktor
Anke Nowottne: Schiffbruch des Zuschauers
Wolfgang Ranft: Heute denken – morgen fertig. Die Künstlertheorie von
Martin Kippenberger zur Vermittlung von Kunst
Marc Sabat: Real-Time Harmonic Microtuning Algorithm

Sound: Alexander Feucht
Light: Andreas Heimann, Jürgen Meisegeier, Frank Lorenz, Heiko Klaffke
A catalogue designed by Mareike Lee was published.
Idea & concept of the publication and the event: the fellows of the Graduate School
Co-ordination: Toni Bernhart, Elena Meilicke, Jörg Kopec-Nöhring