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Werkzeuge des Komischen und der Krise, Teil 2: DIE WACHSTUMSSCHRAUBE

Werkzeuge des Komischen und der Krise, Teil 2: DIE WACHSTUMSSCHRAUBE

A seminar for socialized women with Vanessa Stern, Andrea Vetter and Adèle Bouvattier. An event of the Graduate School of the Arts and the Sciences UdK. 

Vanessa Stern explores the permanent crisis of the comical, in which women find themselves who up to today only play a marginal role in the area of comicality, in her project ‘”HEULEN KANN JEDE. Weibliche Komik in der Krise’.  Gender-specific approaches to comicality are being explored as well as the possibilities of comical intervention by women in times of financial and economic crisis, to develop theatrical variations of the comical from one’s own sensitive situation.
Her first research journey has led her to New York. In “Werkzeuge des Komischen und der Krise. Part 2“ she offers insight for amateurs as well as professionals, who are interested to explore their comicality and their crisis.

Where: Krisenzentrum für weibliche Komik in der Krise, Graduate School, Einsteinufer 43-53
When:   February 11th and 12th, 6-9 p.m. 


Vanessa Stern was born in Austria. She studied acting at the UdK Berlin and has worked for Schauspiel Köln and Salzburger Festspiele among others. She was appointed Best Young Actor of Nordrhein-Westfalen in 2ßß3 and received a scholarship from Forum Junger Theaterangehöriger as part of the Berlin Theatertreffen in 2008. Since 2007 she is active member of the globalization critic network Attac. She is a scholar at the GraduateSchool for the Arts and Sciences UdK.

Andrea Vetter is the program coordinator of the congress ‘Jenseits des Wachstums?!’ and a member of the Gender AG of Attac. Apart from that she is interested in body perception/ visualization and its experience being a Europe ethnologist and she researches spiritual healing in big cities.

Adèle Bouvattier runs the website She makes activist radio shows and is member of the Attac Ag ‘Degrowth’. But mainly she is studying lyric singing and is interested in art as a means of fighting capitalism.