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Kolloquiumsreihe: Vom Anfangen

Kolloquiumsreihe: Vom Anfangen

Prof. Susanne Lorenz and Gernot Wieland are inviting to a new part of:

Kolloquiumsreihe: Vom Anfangen.

UdK colleagues as well as guests from different disciplines will be talking about the beginning (over and over) of an art process.

11/15 Dr. Hannes Böhringer: Das Geländer

11/22 Nik Haffner, dancer and choreograph (HZT) / Vincenzo Latronico, writer

11/29 Kirsten Reese, musician (UdK) / Maria Mohr, film maker

Each Thursday 6-8 p.m. Auditorium 158, Hardenbergstraße 33. Public event.