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As part of ‘Inside’ at Tanzquartier Wien we will be showing our current work: BIOS:ZOË.

June 27th, 2013, 6 p.m. Free entrance

BIOS:ZOË is working with bio-political aspects of genetic analytics. The taking hold of the body by the neoliberal capitalization affects the sensitive border lines of body, identity and collective. The performers are taking possession of genetic data of members of the audience to show the cultural and political dimensions of these borders.  Issues of performativity, scenic relations, time framing and the narrative of science will be touched. The exchange of saliva during the act of a performative kiss will be leading to a different reading of the genetic data.

Artistic Director: Lucie Strecker
Art/Science Director: Klaus Spiess
Performance: Rotraud Kern , Nicholas Hoffmann, Lucie Strecker

Text: Klaus Spiess
Molecular Biologist:  Susanna Kautschitsch
Media Advisor: Hui Ye

Choreographic Supervision: Philippe Riera

Thanks to: Einstein Stiftung Berlin, Wien Kultur, bm:ukk, Medizinische Universität Wien, Kunstencentrum Buda, Kortrjik , Open Lab Vienna, Biozym.