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“Encore, encore!” Sacre du printemps – Ritual und Spiel

“Encore, encore!” Sacre du printemps – Ritual und Spiel

Strawinskys Sacre is celebrating his 100th birthday. Students of the Rhytmics and EMP Class reflect on musical and dance themes of the work and adress the ritual as a cultivated, aethetic and wild force, close to nature.

By and with: Moritz Köther, Elena Schöndorf, Anne-Christine Cettou, Aida Shahidi, Viola Schmitzer, Carla Wierer, Anna Petzer, Lisa Baeyens, Lydia Kaisser, Judith Hille, Eva Schorndanner, Bastian Schindler, Linda Schewe, Lukas HerrmannLeitung: Prof. Dorothea Weise, Hanne Pilgrim, Hilde Kappes

Thursday, Dezember 12th 2013, 8 pm

Universität der Künste Berlin, Bundesallee 1 – 12, Berlin-Wilmersdorf7.15 pmDer hörende Körper – Introduction to the the pieceRoom 202