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POLYBIUS was a Greek physician descending from an archaic dynasty of Babylonian librarians. According to legend he devoted his life to the writing of a book on the sum of human ambition, suffering and hope. When eventually facing death, after a life of strenuous efforts, he came to realize that he had misconceived his enterprise right from the start. That, which he had tried to contain in a book case, could in fact only be truly grasped by means of a mechanical trove. Thus, with his last breath, he entrusted his three sons with the construction plan of a wondrous apparatus…

POLYBIUS’ TREASURE TROVE is a comic installation exploring the potential of combinatory narration. Starting from a short strip, it generates up to 10’000 sequences, constantly switching between dream, reality and fiction.

Vernissage: 11th of May 2013, 8 pm
With sound support by Adrian Wylezol
Supalife Kiosk, Raumerstr. 40, 10437 Berlin
Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 12am-7pm