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Seminar: Kino und Malerei (I)

Seminar: Kino und Malerei (I)

Kino und Malerei (I)

„In Dreyers GERTRUD stirbt niemand (Nobody dies in Dreyer’s GERTRUD)”, Wilfried Wiegand wrote. How is that connected to painting?

Morton Feldman: „The Abstract Experience cannot be represented. It is, then, not visible in the painting, yet it is there – felt. In the same sense that Kierkegaard said the religious ‚dethrones’ the aesthetic, one can say that the abstract experience in Gustons paintings dethrones the visible masterpiece in front of us“.

Watching PAINTERS PAINTING (Emile de Antonio, USA 1972) and MALEREIEN UND GRAVIERUNGEN (Markus Nechleba, BRD 1998) we will be reflecting on the foundation of today’s picture production at this UdK Seminar. What is the relation between cinema and painting? (24./25./26.Jan.)

With the courtesy of the Graduate School UdK Berlin and Einstein Stiftung Berlin.