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Art Workers’ Assembly in Berlin

Art Workers’ Assembly in Berlin

As neoliberalism holds a tight grips over our societies, its violent symptoms have become normalized for all of us. While exploitation and censorship are commonplace, the ingenuity and creative abilities of art workers are hijacked by cultural managers and institutions. In this context, the reassessment of the situation of precarious art/workers, already undertaken by international groups of art workers, continues to be a pressing issue. How can we further challenge ourselves to re-imagine fairer relationships to institutions, organizations, networks and economies involved in the production and consumption of art and culture? What joint actions are possible in our collective search for cultural spaces and educational platforms beyond the logic of neoliberal economy? What new ways of unionizing precarious labor exist and could they be adapted to cultural workers?

Presentations by members of ArtLeaks (Corina Apostol, Vladan Jeremic, Federico Geller), AG Arbeit (Haben und Brauchen), Arts & Economics Group (Tanja Ostojic, Baruch Gottlieb)

Free and open to anyone who is interested.


15.00- 16.45 – Precarity / Art / Labour presentations and discussion

16.45-17.15 – Art Bonds Auction hosted by the Arts&Economics Group

17.15-18.45 – Art Workers Organizations / On Unionizing presentations and discussion

18.45- 19.00 – Break

19.00 – 20.00 – Assembly discussions
Berlin, Friday, September 12th, 3-8 PM, Flutgraben


Am Flutgraben 3
12435 Berlin