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Exhibition Stefan Hayn

Exhibition Stefan Hayn

Was wir zeigen wollen

Etel Adnan, Harun Farocki, Stefan Hayn, Bertold Mathes, Michaela Melián, Sarah Schumann 

Opening: Friday, February 21 / 7 p.m.
Exhibition from February 22 until May 4 2014

The exhibition with the programmatic title “Was wir zeigen wollen” provides an unconventional and cross-generational overview of practices, visual languages and gestures of showing and narrating in the medium of painting as well as in adjacent formats such as text and film. The invited artists represent a continuous confrontation with the possibilities offered by their chosen creative means. Personal stories and the circumstances of their works’ time of creation are always reflected in their works as well.

With “Malerei heute” (with Anja-Christin Remmert) the filmmaker and painter Stefan Hayn (born 1965, Rothenburg ob der Tauber) also creates a type of long-term documentary. Accompanied by texts, real scenes and experimental music, on the basis of plein-air watercolours he performs a personal narrative of the politically driven economic changes of the years 1998–2005. Painting becomes the starting material for a film that addresses processes of image-making and observing, the “painterly vision” itself. Hayn’s latest film S T R A U B (2006–2014) focuses on the artist’s personal confrontation with the oeuvre of the Marxist-leaning filmmakers Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet.

With “What we are trying to show” we wish, not least, to pose the question of how, in the selected complexes of works, expressive possibilities of text, film or curatorial work are refracted into painting or, conversely, how painterly discourses are resumed and reflected in other media.

Curated by *Barbara Buchmaier and Susanne Weiß

This group exhibition is accompanied by a guided tour by the Curators in dialogue with the Artists on Saturday, February 22 at 5 pm (in german).
Bertold Mathes: 5 pm
Michaela Melián: 5.30 pm
Stefan Hayn: 6 pm